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artikel aus der australischen cosmopolitan.

Mulit-millionaire (and Paris Hilton´s ex) Joe Francis is bringing his US TV show, Girls Gone Wild, to Australia. To publicise the Australian DVD launch of GGW, Francis will arrive in early May, on the look-out for Aussie women willing to flash their bresats. Girls Gone Wild has a cult following among female fans in the US, but this mothe we ask: does boob-flashing exploint young women, or empower them?
„NO!“ says Zoe Sheridan, copanelist on Channel 9´s The Catch up:
‚There´s a time and a place for breast-flashing. A few years back when I was getting o a plane to Brisbane and my Mum was crying because I was leaving, I turned around and flashed my boobs at her just before i boarded. And it worked! It made her laugh. But i don´t agree with flashing your boobs for a bunch of men or on TV – that´s just low-grade porn. If Joe Francis and his team really want to do a reality show in Australia, perhaps they should do one that inspires men (and women), and keep the breast-flashing out of it!
Showing your boobs might be an effect of feminism in that some girls feel empowered and confident enought to show off their bodies and `be like blokes`, but feminisn is really about gender equality. And if men are ogling your breast, tell me, where is the equality in that?
Boob-flashing isn´t sexy either. Sexy is leaving something to the imagination. You can be sexy by wearing something that makes you feel special, like a great dress. Do you think it would be sexy if a guy flashing his penis? No, it´s disgusting. I think you can be proud of your body either showing it off. Lots of women think they have a nice, toned bum, but they don´t go around pulling their pants down and giving `brown eyes`to everyone! If any Cosmo girl are thinking of heading to the Cold Coast to track Joe Francis down, think about it – once recorded, this footage will be there forever. We all like to feel sexy, but there are better ways to embrace it. Save your breast-flasing for your partner. Or, if you think you´ve got freat breasts, get a black-and-white photo of them framed to look back on later when they start drooping`

„YES!“ says Amber Petty, media personality and SA FM radio host:
`Girls have gone wild, and whether you like it or not, there´s no turning back. We´re a different breed of young women now…. there are girls woh look up to Paris Hilton, Tara Reid and Britney! It´s become fashionable to flash your boobs, or even worse, your `lady garden`.
Shows like Girls Gone Wild are hardly going to shock the averange Australian. I think we´ve all seen schoolies week it doesn´t get much trashier than that. Men have been behavin badly forever, and it´s always been acceptable for them. Now it seems that girls are giving as good as they get. Is it feminism? Well, women have alway had to put up with drunk men shouting obscenities about their bodies.
Of course, of you take away the naughtiness of something , no one makes a big deal of it anymore. Girls going around flashing their boobs in public, while entertaining for a lot o men, kind of say to them, `Stuff you! Your fun at our expense, and we couldn‘t care less`. Ultimately, the solution to the
Girls Gone Wild issue is, `If you don´t like it, don´t watch it‘ cos `getting the girls out` is here to stay!`“

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9 Antworten auf “was so geschrieben wird am anderen ende der welt…”

  1. 1 rock.a.bella 07. Mai 2007 um 18:32 Uhr

    i think it would be feminism when the women would do it because of their freedom not to amuse the mens! these women act like objects and thats in my eyes wrong. when i flash my boobs at the beach to get brwon i do it because i want to, its my freedom. but when i just do it for the men it’s sexism :-w

  2. 2 fion 07. Mai 2007 um 18:59 Uhr

    If you do something just for the men,
    it’s sexism? Can you elaborate that?

  3. 3 dodo 08. Mai 2007 um 5:09 Uhr

    i agree with what already has been said.
    it’s a different thing if you lift your shirt out of pure lust for life. but i don‘t see any feminism in showing your body parts just so you can get a paternal pat on the head from the big boys.
    girls gone wild is not making these videos in order to give some women a good time, their intention is not making women feel good for their bodies (I‘ve never actually seen their stuff – and have no desire to – but i highly doubt that they feature women who don‘t match a certain beauty standard, like overweight women for example), their intention is getting pictures of (half)naked women for low money (by exploiting wthe fact that the women they „work“ with are totally wasted) in order to sell those images to men, to pleasure men. not women. there’s nothing wrong in general to please men, but the whole concept is solely based on that, the whole thing is dependent on male standards.
    beauty or sexyness is way too often linked with men. the whole „being sexy“ is usually not just loving your body and embracing your sexuality. it’s about male standards (or at least so everybody wants to teach us). as a woman you ain‘t sexy unless men agree to that. only if you get their okay you can officially claim to be or feel sexy.
    and we‘re talking not about men as individuals but men as a constructed group, the same construct that tells us „boys will be boys“ when no boy is the same way and nobody actually really knows what „being“ it is that we are told have ALL boys in common. it’s the same artificial construct about masculinity/maleness/men that tells us you have to be a certain way in order to please men (shave your legs, not too much „girl talk“, don‘t try to be in competition with him,… take one girl magazine of your choice, it’s all in there).
    it’s this construct that tells us that men have to be seen not as individuals but as a homogene group that likes certain things… you know, all the stereotypes like „guys like cars, sports,… they prefer women who are young, thin, have clear skin, shaved legs, plucked eyebrows, a flat belly,…“ the list goes on.
    and the ONLY definition of being pretty or sexy that our society offers for women is to apply these standards of this constucted „supermale“.
    and girls gone wild is pretty much the incarnation of that. they get women by signalling them „hey, if you are chosen by us (and „us“ happen to be not women…) to lift your shirt, then you are ‚officially‘ a sexy woman!!“
    and since society tells us that we need the okay from the „supermale“ in order to be qualified as sexy and pretty, and since the girls gone wild guys are quite a representant of the „supermale“ whose okay they need, it’s just enforcing the supressive standard that a woman cannot be sexy independently from males, that your sexyness is still very well dependent on males. but hey – the nice guys we are we are offering you the chance to officially wear the testing etiquette cause we give you the opportunity to prove your sexyness.
    i‘m sorry but girls gone wild just plays too well in that disgusting standard that women have to earn the right to be a sexual being. back then women could „earn“ that right by being married; now it seems like we have to exhibit our body in a oversexualized cliché and get some random guys with a camera (and their boss who is involved in a rape case) to rubber-stamp our body and our sexuality. now fuck that!

  4. 4 rock.a.bella 08. Mai 2007 um 16:43 Uhr

    it’s for me sexism because the women do this for mens fun not because thy want to fell free. i totally agree with dodo! thats absolutly not feminsm and i feel sorry fot the womens they think they are sexy because they look like the mens think its „sexy“ and show up her boobs. i searched for other grils gone wild things and did found pornos… its not just showing boobs. i really feel sorry for this womens

  5. 5 L 10. Mai 2007 um 2:19 Uhr

    Women have been the sex class for millenia. No matter what a woman says or does, her „hotness“ factor always comes first. No surprize there.
    There are women who „do“ and women who „don‘t“; women who „do“ are sluts, women who „don‘t“ are virginal prudes.
    And that’s what makes GGW such a cash cow in the first place. Because the only way in which in can be considered „transgressive“, by any stretch of the imagination, is because it blurs the line between the „good girls“ and the „sluts“. It turns the dichotomy right on its head as it shows the „good girls“ barin‘ their bewbz for a crappy t-shirt. While inebriated. So good girls can be sluts, under the right circumstances! Men, rejoice!
    How that can spell F-E-M-I-N-I-S-M to anyone in their right minds is way beyond me.

    And Amber Petty’s response creeps me out. „Lady garden“? Seriously?
    „Flashing“ has been around for decades – the famous Mardi Gras bead-for-boob exchanges come to mind, as well as girls flashing performers in the 70’s and 80’s… There’s nothing new in that. One guys starts to make millions out of it? Well, gosh darn it, it MUST be Paris Hilton’s fault.

    P.S.: Wasn‘t Joe Francis in jail? Is he out & about (on the prowl for fresh mea… erm… material) already?

  6. 6 Schatten.kontrastieren 10. Mai 2007 um 16:38 Uhr

    „does boob-flashing exploint young women, or empower them?
    “NO!” says Zoe Sheridan“
    Hello semantics ;)

  7. 7 mutant 16. Mai 2007 um 21:12 Uhr

    i mean, this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Francis
    says it all. the only thing this guy is interested in is fucking wasted and helpless girls and making loads of bucks out of it.
    the girls get very little out of that. there just is no place for anything resembling feminism in a setup like that.

  8. 8 mutant 20. Mai 2007 um 17:04 Uhr

    „The word „empowering“ should be banned from the english language! It seems it’s only used in reference to women disrobing. Do men feel empowered when they‘re naked?“
    von hier:

  9. 9 Love the Boobs 31. Juli 2007 um 9:00 Uhr

    Well i say if girls wanna show their breasts let them. No on is forcing them to do so stop worring about. let people do what they want. Worry about your own lives and not everyone elses life.

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