Let me introduce to you…

Malcolm Rollick. Also mein erster (offizieller) Versuch, eine Künstlerin und ihr Album vorzustellen, also das, was man gemeinhin „Rezension“ nennt. Und zwar auf englisch, damit Malcolm das auch schön lesen kann. Here we go:
I got to know Malcolm through the work on my grrrlzine in which she will be represented with an interview. She seems like a really nice lady and I got all giddy when I found her package in my mailbox the other day, in which was included her latest CD „lo-fi(ction)“ (2007, 307 Knox Records).

And I must admit I‘m a fan now – so don‘t expect a too neutral review here. Instead I‘m just gonna write down the impressions I got from this album. Let me just say, after the first few songs I started getting a little bitter – simply for the fact that I probably will never get the chance to see Malcolm perform live since the USA is just a *tad* too far away for me. But I suspect her live shows must be quite impressing.
Why? Because I have rarely heard that a voice can transport such an amount of intensity even via CD. I can just guess how this must be to experience it live.
I‘ve always found it a pity when artists that usually perform on stage with voice and guitar only somewhat ruined their songs a bit when they added so much stuff to it as soon as they record an album and basically overproduce it. So I am happy to announce that Malcolm obviously didn‘t do this. That way you are able to exactly listen to all the fine emotion her voice and instruments produces; the little edges that make this folk album so incredibly charming.
The songs seem to be collected stories, each with its own atmosphere, telling another shade of life. Actually it reminded me a bit of Herodotus: travelling around in order to reveal the world’s big secret by paying attention to the seemingly small things.
The lyrics are poetry that is catching and interesting in detail but nevertheless easy and simple enough not to confuse the hell outta you, instead creating a bubble in your head and soul which acts a play written just for you – your imagination carefully led by the hand that is the music of Malcolm Rollick’s voice and her guitar.
The honesty in this music is so dreamily careless about the listener’s understanding but still connecting to you in an eye-winking, unspoken agreement.
This CD is angry in its melancholy but still leaves you with a smile on the lips and reminded me a bit of Jewel’s good old days (gladly without the childlike singing voice ’cause that wouldn‘t suit Malcolm’s songs) or maybe even Alanis Morissette’s first stuff, only less aggressive, more dreamy; but this is just an unsatisfying attempt to describe the unique style of Rollick’s music; stuff I like or used to like and happened to pop up in my mind when listening. A friend of mine even said „this is the way Jack Johnson should sound“. And even though I gotta cringe when I think of the slightest connection between the annoying Jack Johnson and this singer/songwriter I started to like so much – maybe my friend is right. Who knows.

It’s an album for all those who‘ve forgotten (or sentimentally longing for) about the subtile but deeply touching power the simple combination of guitar and voice can hold. Sure, Malcolm is no Bob Dylan. And too personal for a new Joan Baez. And maybe too much of a realistic daydreamer to be compared with Kimya Dawson. But who the fuck cares when someone can bring you a piece of music like this? Comparison is only needed when you write about music, which I personally find a hard thing to do; isn‘t it that you should rather listen?
So… (surprise, surprise!) I strongly recommend to listen; there’s listening possibilities on her homepage that I linked above. Music that makes me feel my bare feet touch the earth but have my mind in the clouds.

3 Antworten auf “Let me introduce to you…”

  1. 1 die.ups 08. Mai 2008 um 19:09 Uhr

    schade, dass das erst jetzt kommt!
    ich hab bis letzten monat in pdx gewohnt…

  2. 2 rather ripped 11. Mai 2008 um 2:49 Uhr

    wieso englisch? also ich finds schade, ehrlich, denn (jaja, steinigt mich ruhig dafür ;) ) aber das hält mich und bestimmt auch noch die eine oder den anderen davon an, den artikel zu lesen. es gibt massenhaft englische seiten im netz, die sich mit feministischen themen beschäftigen, und ich bin immer wieder froh wenn ich darunter eine deutschsprachige entdecke. nicht, weil ich kein englisch kann, sondern weil es einfach viel anstrengender ist, vorallem wenn es sich um längere artikel handelt.

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