Sytematische Vergewaltigungen seitens Regierungspartei in Zimbabwe

Laut einer Studie der Organisation „AIDS-Free World“ soll es im Zuge der Wahlen 2008 in Zimbabwe zu systematischen Vergewaltigungen gekommen sein. Opfer der Übergriffe wurden Frauen, die der Opposition nahe standen.

A report by the New York-based advocacy group, based on interviews with 72 survivors and witnesses, documented 380 rapes by 241 members of President Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front. All of the victims were supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change, the main opposition party, it said. […]
The recurring pattern to many of the rapes, including the mode and methods of detention of the victims, the types of weapons used on them and refusal of police to investigate, could not be coincidental, AIDS-Free World said.

“The government was well-aware of the widespread sexual violence against women,” it said. In Zimbabwe, “both the police and legal infrastructure are so seriously compromised as to make justice for systematic rape inside the country impossible.”

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