entzaubert diy film festival

das entzaubert d.i.y. film festival1 am wagenplatz schwarzer kanal sucht beiträge für die vierte runde vom 24.-27. j
uni ‘102:
- workshops: filme machen, die eigenen fertigkeiten verbessern, voneinander lernen
- filme folgender kategorien oder jenseits derer:

arty, punky, no-borders, anarchic, documentaries, porn, trashy, experimental, feminist, aids/hiv, funny, crazy, serious, low or no budget, music, quality, concise, international, homo-socialist, homosexualist, people of colour, revolutionary, polyamourous, monogamous, lazy, tranny-dyky, faggy, old, brand-new, provocative, diffi cult, hot, ……… or queer/feminist
we welcome fi lms in any language –



  1. entzaubert is a platform for all those artists and filmmakers who do not find places (easily) to show their work in the mainstream film industry, to give people the opportunity to watch films who normally don‘t go to film festivals, to share experiences and learn from each other, to pass on information, to challenge and to be challenged, to network, to participate, make your first movie, or simply to enjoy watching films for hours and days! [zurück]
  2. Download Callout hier [zurück]

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