Pro-Choice-Netzwerk in Berlin

In Berlin gründet sich ein Pro-Choice-Netzwerk, das erste Treffen findet am Mittwoch, dem 12. Mai um 19 Uhr in der Kalkreuthstr. 4 im Büro von Pro Familia statt. Vorab gibt es schon mal einen einladenden Brief:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are very concerned by the criminalisation of abortion in some member states of the European Union, with the increasing activities of anti-choice groups and politicians within the EU, as well as the problems of access to abortion in countries where abortion is legal.

For these reasons, we think it is very necessary to join together and share our knowledge and experiences and establish a pro-choice network using the blog
This blog will be used for;
1. Exchanging information on
· the activities of anti-choice groups and politicians in our countries;
· problems regarding abortion access also in countries where abortion is legal;
· experiences in opposing anti-choice activities in legal ways as well as campaigning, demonstrating and using internet platforms.
2. Establishing a pro-choice solidarity network
· for exploring possibilities to support each other in researching and campaigning in our individual countries or within the EU;
· exploring the possibility for public hearings in the EU Parliament;
· organising further meetings and conferences.
Please check the blog for further information.
We are asking you to please spread the word widely about the blog so that people from all EU countries can follow the blogs activities. You are welcome to post any information concerning the issue of abortion and reproductive rights on this blog.
The focus on the EU is not to impose any exclusions, so any information from other countries is welcome as well and we are aware of the necessity to cooperate and exchange worldwide.
The focus on EU countries nevertheless is to explore possibilities to use EU institutions for our purpose.
Postings in any language are welcome, but we appreciate a summary in English. (You can use translation websites like or
If you like, we can sign you up with your own account as an author. Otherwise you can send information to this email adress
and we will post your info. Nevertheless if you want to contribute frequently, we would ask you to sign up as a contributor.
Please consider that this blog is brandnew so keep checking within the next months how it will develop.
If you have any questions about how to use this blog or any other comments please ask us for advice at:
We hope for a fruitful and vivid exchange.
All the best from Sarah, Agata and Stephanie

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