Alltägliche Übergriffe

Beim Wolverette Zine behandelt ein Text die Erfahrungen mit Grenzüberschreitungen und die Reaktionen darauf.

They had always been making stupid and sometimes salacious remarks but I didn’t care, it was never serious and, to be honest, this was not so unnormal for men in their 50ies on the countryside, especially when they sit and drink in a pub. I had learnt to deal with it, take it with humour and talk back – which was much appreciated. They never took it over the top.

Except for one time when one of them put his hand on top of my thigh. And you know what? I didn’t say anything. It would’ve been too embarrassing. He left that hand there for about 10 minutes and I sat still and ignored it cause that way at least nobody would notice since my thigh with his hand on it was hidden under the table.

Sexual Harassment is Violence

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