How to kill a creeper!?

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ZINE- PROJECT: „how to kill a creeper!?“
contribute and join with your story!

hey sisters! i am putting together a little booklet about the crazy stories female-solo travelers encounter in their daily life when being confronted with “creepers” (men who act sexually harassing towards women). please write me and share your story with other women. the zine will be for free download and distribution.

o) tell a story which illustrates the stupidity of the creepers or a certain creeper you encountered.
o) tell us your tricks about how to deal with creepers
o) or share your wildest fantasy of what you wanted to do to a certain creeper
o ) or tell a story about how you really kicked some creepers ass (verbally or physically)

i want it to be fun rather than depressing! lets laugh together about their stupidity rather than feeling overwhelmed. Lets inspire and empower each other with our fantasies and stories of kicking their asses! songs, illustrations, poems and comics are also very welcome!

please email me your contributions to: barbara_graf (at) gmx (.) at

DEADline: 21. of February 2015

why kill the creeper?
having traveled around the world on my bicycle for the past 3 years, i had to cope with a lot of male harassment. never could they overpower my motivation nor keep me from following my path as a solo traveler. BUT still they fucking suck!! how many times did i escape from a creeper and spend hours of angrily thinking in my head what i should have done to this asshole.
recently i was cycling together with two awesome women from australia, we shared a lot of these experiences. for us a way to deal with it was to create a „creeper – highscore“ system. when encountering creepy men we started giving them scores according to their level of „creepiness“. oh it was a lot of fun and it helped us a lot in dealing with this shit. in the evenings we would sit together around the campfire and thought about what we would like to do with these creepers. we analyzed their behavior and typical actions and started writing down recommended treatments for the different levels of creepers. those started from „give him the finger“ to „chop him up into pieces and serve his fried dick to the next creeper“. our fantasies of how to kick the creepers asses were so powerful and amusing! – and in a way they really helped us to not let the frustration overwhelm us. Somehow these sharing of stories, these funny discussions of how we could get rid of the dead body once we killed the level 10 creeper, even empowered us to more self-confidence in the “real life” dealing with creepers. my friend always wanted to punch them. and next time she did it: “peng” and the guy who was trying to grab her from the bike was running away behind his truck. my other friend once swung her big stick chasing the teenage motorcyclist, who made inappropriate gestures, out of our way.
knowing them and meeting many other female-travelers I have heard a lot of these stories. they are daily life for us. lets share and laugh and empower each other!
of course I am not seriously advising women to always fight physically. in most cases it may be more advisable to get away from them. “killing the creeper” can be seen rather as an action of breaking the creepers power over our mind which often causes fear and frustration or even shame. it can mean empowering each other by laughing about them and showing the world that we won’t accept creepers and that we won’t shut up about them – but tell and laugh about their creepy actions out loudly.
certainly i would also kill a creeper.

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  1. 1 sue 14. Februar 2015 um 23:26 Uhr

    Hey, wisst ihr wie man dieSES Projekt kontaktieren kann?

  2. 2 nummer.drei 25. Februar 2015 um 15:51 Uhr

    steht im Beitrag: barbara_graf (at) gmx (.) at :)>-

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