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Pervocracy zu Diskussionen über Vergewaltigung und Gay Rights

Die hier schon mehrfach zitierte Holly von The Pervocracy stellt eine Typologie von Positionen in Vergewaltigungsdiskussionen auf: The People You Meet When You Write About Rape.

Mr. I‘m Not Blaming Her But It’s Her Fault
„Rape is never the victim’s fault, of course. But I just want people to admit that she has some responsibility. That she maybe played a part in it. That in an alternate universe where she‘d done things differently and she lived in a steel Battlemech wearing a chastity belt, she wouldn‘t have gotten raped, and she did make the choice to not use a Battlemech. I just need people to acknowledge that.“

Ebenfalls empfehlenswert ist ihre Sammlung von „Argumenten“ zum Thema Gay Rights: How to discuss gay rights like a reasonable adult.

Argument from Children Starving In India, New Millenium Edition
„Why are we even arguing about this when our economy is in the state it’s in?“

Argument from Gays Starving In India
„Why are you worrying about some poorly chosen words when gay people still get beaten in other places?“

Argument from Blind Faith
„The number one, most important tenet of Christianity is to hate gay people. It’s the entire foundation of my faith. Look at the first page of the Bible: „In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and don‘t be a faggot.“

Über Feminismus

Feminists do not want to see men degraded.
Feminists do not have a fixed idea of men’s „proper role“ in the family or in life.
Feminists do not want to see a Senate that’s 83% women, or a corporate leadership that’s 85% female.
Feminists do not want men to be paid less than women, or receive fewer career opportunities.
Feminists do not fetishize men’s bodies while ignoring their minds.
Feminists do not condone or excuse violence against men.
Feminists do not want men to lose their access to family planning and healthcare.
Feminists do not want to erode men’s control over their own bodies and lives.
Feminists do not want to teach young boys to be submissive and passive.
Feminists do not demand men be constantly sexually appealing and available, then shame them when they are.
Feminists do not describe men as less intelligent, or more emotional, or as somehow different from humans in their thought processes.

Feminists want to give to women, not to take from men.

(Please note that the counterpoint to all these things is „sexists,“ not „men.“)

The Pervocracy: Feminism is not sexism on Opposite Day.

The Creep-dar

We learn to reject men, not because we don‘t want them, but because we aren‘t sure that their advances are the friendly kind. Even when I‘m horny as hell, I can‘t turn off the creep-dar, and when a guy is physically attractive to me but sets off the creep-dar in any way, I can‘t sleep with him. I know this is unfair to guys who aren‘t creeps, but don‘t blame women--blame creepy men. (…) When I decide whether to go home with a new guy, we‘re both thinking about whether we want to fuck each other, but only I‘m thinking about whether or not he‘ll stop when I say „no.“

Holly Pervocracy: The Fear Factor

Our flippers

I agree that human behavior is evolved, but I believe that we evolved into humans. If we still had the hierarchies and behaviors of apes on the savannah, we’d be apes on the savannah. (Also, even apes are often more complex than Kanazawa assumes.) It’s like saying “dolphins are descended from land creatures with legs, therefore dolphins have legs.” And the idea that men are harem-keeping sperm machines and women are antler-contest-judging baby machines is some serious dolphin legs. Morality, creativity, abstraction, empathy—these are our flippers.

Mal wieder The Pervocracy (und mal wieder via figleaf)

Das unbekannte Wesen

Das Buch „Why Women Have Sex“ von Cindy Meston und David Buss ist anderswo schon ausführlich kritisiert worden, zum Beispiel bei Figleaf. Holly von The Pervocracy kommentiert es so:

I‘m going to write a book, „Why Women Have Lunch.“ Hunger is the obvious reason, but as my highly scientific survey reveals, women may also have lunch to socialize, to take a break from work, or even simply out of habit. Some women want the opportunity to try a new food, and others may want warm food on a cold day. Wow, women sure are complicated!

The Pervocracy: Why Women Have Sex.